About YLNP

As a part of efforts to engage the young people who will become the leaders of tomorrow into promoting peace and security in the Pacific and the globe at large, the Boston Global Forum establishes The Young Leaders Network for Peace and Security (YLNP).

The Network comprises of exceptionally promising young leaders from all walks of life, from every region of the world and from different fields of politics, media, business, technology, art, and other professions, who are under 40 year of age. These young leaders are proposed through a qualified nomination process and assessed according to rigorous selection criteria and are accepted only when they have demonstrated a keen interest in the causes of peace and security and commitment to serving the society at large.

The work of the Young Leaders Network for Peace and Security ( YLNP )  will be managed by the Boston Global Forum’s Board of Directors and will use all the evolving tools of new media and social platforms to reach out to and impact the citizens of the world.

Its day-to-day operations will be run by the Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellows.


The Young Leaders Network for Peace and Security is aimed to monitor all potential disputes and violations relating to matter of marine sovereignty among countries in the Pacific and engage them in initiatives and work-streams that offer practical action-based solutions to the issues.

Pacific Peace Monitor Council (PPMC) 

The PPMC is an organ of YLNP to receive and clarify all marine violation and dispute complaints reported by organizations or countries in the Pacific region. The PPMC then makes official alerts about the fact and could involve working with concerned governments or international organizations to get the problems resolved.

It also provides advisory opinions to and assists the Young Leaders members to exercise their action plan to maintain the peace and security.

Internet Transparency and Security Council  (ITSC)

The ITSC is an integral part of the YLNP, with a mandate to advise the young leaders on cyber security issues and assist them in executing their plans.