Chau Giang

Young Leaders Network for Peace and Security’s Ambassador of Music

Born in Hanoi, Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen was inspired by the cultural richness and romance of her native Vietnam, as well as by French influences that echoed through the cities and villages.  Her earliest piano lessons were practiced on a Gaveau upright, a gift from her father.  As a piano student of artists Thai Thi Sam, La Thuong, Tran Thu Ha and Dang Thai Son, Chau-Giang learned also to dance and to sing in French.  At the age of six, she was chosen to entertain a battalion of Vietnamese soldiers.  At eleven, she had her first piano performance at the Hanoi Opera House.  Chau-Giang later studied at The Hanoi College of Music and Fine Arts, which garnered her invitations from the Indonesian government to perform for their dignitaries and visiting European Royal diplomats.

In the 1990s, Chau-Giang continued her musical training in New York City, first at the Juilliard School for Piano Repertoire and Piano Ensemble under the tutelage of the late Maestro Gyorgy Sandor and later at the Manhattan School of Music, where she was trained by Zenon Fishbein.  In 1997, Chau-Giang became the first Vietnamese student to graduate from that prestigious school.

While living in Soho in 1998, Chau-Giang began painting, an experience that has transformed her ideas about many things in life, including music.  Her work ranges from large, abstract canvases, awash with vibrant color, to more intimate portraiture, some of which can be found on chairs in her studio, her audience for rehearsing Chopin or Schubert.

Between 2007 and 2011, Chau-Giang’s attention turned to orchestration, and under the direction of Hans Zimmer she attended an elite forum for film orchestration in Los Angeles.  An orchestral collaboration with Arturo Sandoval composed for Debbie Allen’s ballet “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker” earned a Goldstar award in 2009.   Also that year, Chau-Giang’s original music were recorded by National Orchestra of Bratislava

In 2010, Chau-Giang was honored by the Hanoi Opera House with the premiere performance of her original orchestra music by the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra.  Chau-Giang has played solo performances at Steinway Hall and Disney Hall, and her original music has been performed at Lincoln Center in New York.

In 2012, Chau-Giang had her solo debut at Carnegie Hall.

Recently, on June 16th 2014, Chau-Giang performed and exhibited her art on same day in Kingdom of Bahrain’s Cultural Hall, in the collaboration of the coutnry’s Culture Ministry and Visionaries Foundation.

October 2014, in collaboration with MarieBelle New York, The Art of Chocolate, Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen and the company’s owner, Maribel Liberman, had created a line of Ganaches in limited “River of Diamonds” edition which being featured in the Home Vouge magazine.

December 12th 2014, Chau-Giang was invited to speak for Young Leaders in Arts at Harvard Kennedy School, on the occasion of Boston Global Forum’s second anniversary.

Today, Chau-Giang travels throughout the world supporting the humanitarian mission of her organization International Friends for Vietnam in America, which helps develop musical talents in her homeland.  These efforts connect many new audiences with Vietnamese artists, provide education and and raise awareness of the creative gifts to be found in Vietnam.  She serves as International Ambassador of Education Through Music, is a member of Women Projects Theater, honored board member of Kingdom of Bahrain’s Visionaries, member of Maritage International and Women/Fashion Film Fest, Co-Founder of Arcolmag Art Bookmagazine, Paris publishing house, and Founder of International Friends of Vietnam – IFoVN.

Chau-Giang’s paintings are part of private collections around the world and can be seen in the Vietnamese Consulate in New York City, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the Prince Albert II Foundation, Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, AMADE Mondiale chaired by Princess Caroline of Monaco foundation, the Naval Museum in Monaco, Group Pastor Monaco Art Collection, Artcol Art Collection and future MAAR Museum Collection, the Association ARCOL.  In 2013, Chau-Giang had the pleasure of exhibiting her paintings alongside the works of world-renowned musicians such as Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, and Graham Nash at the OCEANOGRAPHIC Museum of Monaco.